Concise code = less bugs.

The Red language is our secret weapon. Nobody understands it or wields it more effectively than we do; because we built it. It’s fully open source, developed transparently, so you’re never locked in or out. We can provide standalone EXEs with no dependencies, whether you’re running on Windows, Linux, or pre-Catalina OS X. Android support is under development as well.

If you’re worried that your team can’t learn a new language or set up a complex toolchain, fear not. Red was designed to be familiar and accessible, while also showing that there’s a better way to build software. The toolchain is a single EXE that can cross-compile to any supported platform, and a self-hosted interactive console (a REPL to devs) for rapid work.

Think of us as a springboard.

We like to be self-sufficient. That reduces risk. You probably agree. So our goal is to make sure the work we do can be carried forward by your team, if you so desire. Less code and fewer dependencies means fewer unknowns and less bugs. Our methodology? Keep things simple and communicate. If you use other technologies, we’re probably familiar with them. We have over 125 years of combined software development experience on our team, from graybeards to young turks.

Filling in the middle.

Just as Design outlines the picture, Development is where you connect all the pieces. If you focus on finding one piece, it stops everything else. The trick is to step back and see the big picture, find groups of pieces that fit together, and look for patterns. Learning to balance top down and bottom up work, and seeing what areas pose the most challenges comes from experience. Accept no substitute.

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