The right tools for the job.

When designing a product, there are different stages and you need the right tool and skills for each one. From sketches on napkins and workflow outlines, through data exploration and UX experiments, to full prototypes. Transitioning from the idea stage, with pencil in hand, to seeing something work on the computer needs to happen quickly, and allow play (both in terms of fun and flexibility). We specialize in Red, which is a great prototyping tool, and so much more. Prototypes sometimes transition to production, whether you want them to or not. Red gives us that ability, without sacrificing robustness for speed.

Build mock-ups fast.

The Red language offers unmatched ease for expressing UIs quickly via its VID (Visual Interface Dialect) domain specific language. But you can do more than UIs fast, you can build DSLs to match your problem domain in a few days (sometimes hours), parse and reformat data, access APIs, call system functions, and…come to think of it, there’s nothing you can’t do.

Design is an edge piece.

It’s not the whole puzzle, but it’s where you need to start. And the more you know about the end game, the better you can position yourself in the beginning. Our combination of broad, real-world experience and history of building systems companies rely on informs how we design systems so they can be built successfully and maintained for the long haul.

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