Red Language

Red isn't for sale. It's free and open source.

So why is it listed under Products? Because we put a lot of effort into it, and it’s used to build things we sell. That is, it’s something we produce, but don’t make money from directly. You can pay us for consulting and development services for it, or to help make your own products to sell, and we have plans for a lot of commercial development tools that will use it.

What can you do with one small executable?

Everything. Your scripts will be compiled with a small runtime for dynamic code, or write in Red/System, which is our C-level dialect. This can be on Windows, Linux, ARM, or macOS (with Android in the works). Compile to any platform, from any platform. Red’s binary is just over 1MB. How big is your L2 cache? Oh, and Red produces machine code directly for all platforms, no dependencies or compiler abstraction layers.

Batteries included? More like a power plant.

Red is a rich language. It includes more than 40 standard datatypes, full async I/O, a complete graphic system with a DSL for building UIs, reactivity, a PEG-like subsystem so you can build your own DSLs, and much more.

Small and Simple

The whole Red toolchain itself is also roughly 1 MB - in one executable. Just drop it in a folder and you’re good to go. What could be easier?


RED is fully cross-platform. Not only the core language, but the GUI and reactive systems and the compiler itself. Compile to any platform, from any platform. So you can build on your dev platform for all your deployment platforms. And unlike some dev tools, Windows is a first class citizen for us. We know business run on it and consumers want applications for it.

Full Stack: From Metal to Meta

Red/System is like C. Use it to access hardware directly, write device drivers, and full operating systems. Red is like…nothing else. You can use it to write console or GUI applications, do scripting, scraping and data transformations, glue systems together, create powerful DSLs easily, and come full circle, doing all of that via metaprogramming.

Need custom Red extensions, consulting, or training?

We’re here to help. Nobody knows Red like we do, because we built it.
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