Open Messaging Environment

While it’s still early days for this project, it comes from years of experience with other messaging tools. Each has strengths and weaknesses. Whether it’s how discussions are organized or connect to other project information and systems, let you easily search, tag, and host content, or write custom plugins so you can make it fit your needs.


OpenME aims to put you in control, as much as you want. Out of the box it’s a fully functional chat system. From there you can choose to self-host and build or buy plugins. The data format will be fully documented, so you’re never locked in, and because it’s written in Red, which is its own data format, you can easily write scripts to process data however you want. It’s not just chat, it’s communication.


Because messages are more powerful than RPC calls. OpenME will allow sending messages that can be normal messages (chat-like) or trigger a workflow or task. Because it understands values like #hashtags, @refs, email addresses, urls, and more, every message contains sematic information that you can use to your advantage. A chat message like Tell @Alice that issue #2038 is high priority can easily update Alice’s task list, whether it’s in OpenME or via an API call to your existing system.


We’d love for OpenME to solve all your problems in one place, but that’s not possible for everyone. While Open is key, so is Environment. The idea is that we’re most effective when we can focus and get into a flow state. Multitasking and changing apps and tabs kills flow. Your brain has to remember different keystrokes, take in a new UI, and figure out how the systems map to one another. OpenME is designed to be customizable, so you and your team can make it your own. One size does not fit all, in tools, languages, or methodologies. Even the old adage of Build vs Buy doesn’t hold up in the modern world. You need to do both to maximize your potential.


OpenME is a self-contained environment. You won’t need to install other software or databases to make it work. From there, you can choose to store data in an open format for longevity and access from other tools, binary format for speed, or fully encrypted for maximum security. You control who has access, without the need for a PhD in cryptography or a computer science degree.


The internal data format is rich, but not bloated. More capable than JSON, to describe real world information directly, but not bloated and human hostile like XML. All that means messages are smaller to transmit and faster to encode and decode. But we put people first, and don’t over-optimize. It only needs to be faster than you, not faster than light.


OpenME is easy to extend, adding workflows and features you need. Mold it to your needs, seamlessly with plugins, or with calls to external APIs. In the OpenME universe, each “world” is separate and secure from others. In a trusted world things can go faster, but to communicate with other worlds you send messages. Those messages can be treated as passive content, or as code and commands. But this is not your ancestor’s eval. Messages are dialected DSLs (Domain Specific Langauges), which gives you complete control over what they are allowed to do, or not.

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