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The World's First Live-Coded Grammar Diagramming and Diagnostic Tool.

Whether you design languages and DSLs, parse or document data formats, or publish APIs, DiaGrammar is your new best friend. Users want to understand your design quickly. Diagrams foster understanding, communication, and adoption. Today’s stakeholders demand that designs are thought-out, documented, and tested. You need to look professional. More than that, you need to be professional.

Don’t hack, design. Don’t hope, test. Don’t guess, understand. Then show everyone what you’ve got. Live coding is the best, most productive way to do this. You get immediate feedback, see and fix problems instantly, and work as fast as you can think.

All Aboard!

Do you design before you code? Do you wish you had time to document things professionally? Do you suffer the pain of keeping docs in sync with design changes? Us too.

DiaGrammar generates syntax diagrams, live, as you write your grammar. There’s no need to switch gears. Write your grammar and your diagrams are already done, and always in sync.

Live Testing.

Write test inputs and run them against any rule in your grammar. Or put them in files and test against entire directories. Not only can you see if an input matches your entire grammar, you can select specific rules and find where they match parts of your input.

Use what you know!

DiaGrammar supports Red’s parse dialect, ABNF, McKeeman, RegEx, YACC, and more. While Red’s parse dialect is the most powerful, allowing you to parse at the datatype level, and include actions directly, DiaGrammar lets you use what you already have. If you write RFCs for the W3C or IETF, you’re going to use ABNF. If you teach college CS course, you may use YACC or Bison. Developers in many cases use regular expressions, which can be hard to understand once written. With DiaGrammar, you can compare two regex patterns to see if they generate the same diagram, or how they differ.

Get organized.

Group grammars and inputs, so they stay together. DiaGrammar remembers the inputs you’ve used with a grammar, so you can easily pick up where you left off.

Own your style and show it off.

Customize the rendered diagram, save and share it. There are a number of standard styles to choose from, but maybe you have a site your diagrams need to match, or a client’s company colors. You may even want detailed control over the size and shape of elements in the diagram. DiaGrammar puts the power in your hands.

Red superpowers.

If you use Red’s parse dialect, your grammar interpreter is already done. You can add actions, set markers, extract content, and more. If you prefer ABNF or another grammar, you still have to write the code in another programming language to process it. DiaGrammar can help. It can convert some metagrammars to Red parse rules automatically.

Get on Track, Get Moving, Build up some Steam

Put DiaGrammar’s engine to work for you. Head for the horizon. Don’t miss the train.
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