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DiaGrammar 1.2.2

13 April, 2021 | By DiaGrammar Team

More improvements and a few fixes.

If you bought 1.0, this upgrade is free for you. Download it here.

This is a small release, most importantly for a fix to transparency with the new D2D back end on some systems, and bookmark window positioning. We did include a couple small features, rather than holding them back until 1.3 (which has a big new feature planned).

Another change is related to rule files. After some feedback from users, we decided to default the Live Parsing option to off. It’s an advanced feature and we wanted to show it off, but it can also be a source of confusion for some grammars we ship as standard. We hope this will ease the learning curve a bit.


We hope you enjoy this release, and please keep the feedback and feature requests coming. Join us on Gitter and let us know what you’re doing with DiaGrammar.

Happy diagramming!

DiaGrammar 1.2.2 Changelog

Changelog for 1.2.2

FEAT: Enabled marking of missing rules when refreshing (i.e. F5)

FEAT: Enabled top rule selecting in Preferences (hotkey Ctrl+T).

FIX: Style bug due to reorganization of draw-block handling to enable
     instant redrawing of minimap (experimental) but style handling
     was not synced with this change. 

FIX: Transparency issue related to new D2D back end.

FIX: Exporting unsaved grammar now defaults to %new.png.

FEAT: Live Parsing is now off for all rules by default.

FIX: Bookmark window placement.


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