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DiaGrammar 1.0 Available Now!

22 December, 2020 | By DiaGrammar Team

Redlake is pleased to announce the official release of DiaGrammar 1.0 for Windows! You can find the details, download, and purchase here.

We’re confident you’ve never seen anything like DiaGrammar. It’s a live code environment that generates railroad (syntax) diagrams as you write your grammar in any number of supported formats, like ABNF, YACC, McKeeman, Red’s PEG-like parse, and regex. And while its main purpose is to generate diagrams you can use to share and vet your design, it also lets you test your grammar using single inputs or entire directories of them. You can test against any rule in your grammar, to check elements for correctness at a granular level. With the Pack feature, you can zip your grammar and all its test inputs in one click, so others can test and play.

Navigation is easy. As you write your grammar, selecting a rule name automatically scrolls the canvas to it. Or use the mouse on the canvas and click to jump to a rule’s definition. Hover over a sub-rule and it pops up right there, nesting as deep as your grammar goes automatically. Click on any sub-rule link and there you are, no wormholes required.

Because you want to make diagrams your own, whether for personal preference, to follow company guidelines, or match your website and documentation, DiaGrammar’s got you covered. Not only can you change colors to suit your needs, but you can easily adjust how elements like character sets are rendered, control block alignment, wrap rules, and more. When it comes time to use and share your diagrams, you can export a single diagram or separate images for each rule. Zip support is built in, so sharing is easy.

It comes with dozens of examples and hundreds of test input files for various grammars to help get you started. And if you want to automate it as part of another process, it has a command line interface.

We’re sure you’ll love it, but you can also download and try it for free. The only limitation in the free version is that the diagrams are watermarked. All other features are available, so you can evaluate DiaGrammar (we call it DG for short) without limitations. If you have questions, comments, or want to share what you’re doing with DiaGrammar, join us on Gitter. We look forward to meeting you and seeing what you create. If you’re an open source project, give us a shout, we’re reserving some discounts and complimentary licenses for FOSS projects.

Happy Holidays, and happy diagramming, from Redlake Technologies.

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