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Facts. Data. Diagrams - stay informed, stay healthy. Download or view or COVID-19 diagrams. While we’re working on a lot of projects, we’ve also taken time to help people stay informed during this time of crisis. It’s not just about us. It’s about all of us. We’re a Red-centric company. It’s the tool we know better than anyone else in the world, because we’re building it. But we have decades of experience with other languages and tools, across many industries. We aim to show the world that Open Source can be sustainable, not exploitative, software doesn’t have to be bloated or complex, and a small group of committed people can change the world.

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Full-Stack Developers Need Full-Stack Technology

Red’s ambitious goal is to build the world’s first full-stack language, a language you can use for C-level system programming, applications, high-level scripting, and metaprogramming. You’ve probably heard the term “full-stack developer”. But what is a full-stack Language?

Red is not your ancestor’s “full stack” for the web. It’s tomorrow’s metal-to-meta one-stop-shop for developers. Polyglot programming is a thing of the past. Dialects are the future. Low level, high level, domain specific, what you need when you need it.

It must be huge and complex then, right? Wrong. It’s a single executable that takes in your source files on any platform, and produces a packaged binary for any platform, from any other. The tool doesn’t depend on anything besides what came with your OS…shipping as a single executable that’s just over a megabyte. A full cross-platform toolchain that’s smaller than most web pages.

But that technical feat alone isn’t enough to define Red’s notion of a “Full-Stack Language”. It’s about the ability to bend and redefine the system to meet any need, while writing maintainable code and getting top-flight performance. It’s more like a batteries-included language construction set than just a language. It’s also its own data format, like JSON, but much richer.

Whether you’re writing a device driver, a platform-native GUI application, or a shared library, Red lets you use a common syntax to code at the right level of abstraction for the task. It’s the last language you’ll ever need, because it can become the next language you need.

Red is fully open source, developed transparently. You can never be locked in or locked out. But sustainable Open Source has historically been an oxymoron. We don’t think it has to be. By building products and offering services based on it, Red Technologies is ushering in a new era of Open Source. One where people can contribute and benefit, where the data format under it all is deeply-thought out, designed for humans, and built to last.

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Our experience is broad and deep. We can help, whether you have an exciting new idea and need help forming it, legacy systems that need to be replaced, or require robust data processing that keeps the world turning. We love a challenge.
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